The Minimalist Makeup

Updated: May 22

Have you ever thought that a minimalist makeup routine would not only save you time and money, but it will make you look gorgeous effortlessly?

We all know that since now you have a busy life with kids, work, a household, a husband and other activities, there is a lot less time for selfcare routines. But let's face it, we all love and feel better when we look healthy and polished, so we can all find 5 minutes a day for this. Never thought that only 5 mines will be enough? Well guess what, cutting down the number of products you use, will give you back free time to spend on things that matter to you more, instead of spending time looking into a mirror. 5 minutes a day is the most you'll need to achieve a stylish look and a healthy glow on your face.

Let's see what you will need:

  1. Cleanser - we all know how important a clean skin is

  2. Moisturizer - for a natural glow and you just can not apply foundation on your bare skin

  3. Foundation or BB cream (optional) - to correct any blemishes or spots

  4. Mascara - for that witty look

  5. Lipstick - you can use lipstick also as a liquid powder. Having the same shade on your lips and your cheeks will create a more natural look.

  6. Bronzer (optional) - use bronzer below your cheekbones and also as an eyeshadow to create a connected look

Following these tips, your makeup bag will only consist of a few products but still you will be able to achieve a stylish, chic and healthy look for everyday, slow weekends with the family, for your workplace and even for an evening out.

Here are some visual inspirations for minimalist makeup for all occasions:

Stay tuned to see our favorite products to use to achieve these gorgeous looks!

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