Shopping - Online vs. Offline

Updated: Jun 29

I have been spending far too much time browsing the SS21 collections of my favorite brands recently. Those "New in" buttons have seen a lot of action on my phone. But as always, the Promo section was also not neglected at all.

I am trying to decide which I like better, the online shopping or the casual shopping in the malls or boutiques. One thing is for sure, I spend way less time in the boutique style online shops and much more time on the international brands webpages. Browsing the online collections has been a much more time consuming activity for me... since you have the option to spend money even during the night, who cares about sleeping? If you don't act quickly, you might loose that perfect dress that is on a huge sale right now. You know what I mean, right?!

When it comes to buying stuff for kids, it's the same. Until you check out every item, because you just need to do this, not to miss the cutest outfit for your little bundle of joy, the ones that you added to your favourites list or in your cart, are already sold out in the size that you need. So there goes again, another few hours in the night wasted and you didn't even buy that cute baby gear. It just seems that baby clothes are sold the fastest, you really need to a pro, when shopping online for your little ones.

A few years ago, before Covid19, going to a shopping mall was like going on a daytrip somewhere. You kind of spent the whole day strolling around the shops, meeting with friends, trying on every items, so that at the end of this adventure you went home with the best deals you could find. Thinking about it, that was also time consuming, but the hours spent in the malls were very fulfilling, at the end of the day you felt kind of good for yourself.

Do you miss this activity? Or do you prefer to shop online from wherever you are?