Self-Care For Beginners

Updated: May 22

"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It's necessary." - Mandy Hale

Have you forgotten or you don't have enough time to take care of yourself? We know, you're busy, you have kids, you have work, you have a husband and so many other things going on in your life, but if you don't take care of yourself, it will be hard to take care of others, that rely on you.

Of course it will be difficult to have a weekly day only for yourself, to recharge your batteries (if it's manageable, good for you!), but maybe you can start incorporating a simple self-care routine in your every day life.

Remember, self-care is a constant repetition of many habits, that make you feel good and make you have an optimal level of emotional, physical and mental health.

If you have been reading our articles, you already know that we love to take things slowly, small steps at a time. If you set high goals, you might not be able to easily accomplish them, which will lead to frustration.

So let se what tiny habits could you introduce in your life that will bring great benefits for your own body, mind and soul.

  • Drink up in the morning - during the night your body gets really dehydrated, so a glass of water first thing in the morning will do miracles

  • Eat healthy

  • Unplug for an hour (or more)

  • Let yourself sleep in late at least one day a week

  • Do a declutter in your life - you could start with detoxing your closet

  • Do a daily few minutes stretching - if you are at work and want to skip the curious eyes, you can always head to the bathroom for this

  • Give yourself a treat - weather if it is a massage, a warm bath, reading a book, a walk in the park, or playing with your's up to you what makes you feel good

  • Get a few minutes of sun daily

  • Find nature inspired activities - your kids will also thank you

  • Have a meet with your friends

  • Catch up on your creativity

  • Laugh enough

  • Give and receive love from others

  • Help someone - an elderly to cross the street, someone with a groceries bag, a hungry dog, or you name it

  • Ask for help - don't forget, it is ok to ask for help!

These are just some general self-care tips, if you think another activity might bring you benefits in your life, go for it! What works best for you, doesn't have to work for everybody. Note that, self-care needs might change over time, so you don't have to do the same activities forever.

So, which one will you start with?

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