Can You Really Make Money As A User Tester? (With No Technical Background)

All companies, blogs, websites need on-demand feedback about a product or service that they are working on or are soon launching. The feedback to be relevant it needs to come from their target market so that companies can protect their brand and eliminate bad user experiences.

For me user experience is also crucial, if navigation on my website is lousy and readers will not be interested in it, I loose money. And so do other companies.

User testing is a technique employed in design to get a website, a product, a platform, a software feature or a prototype assessed through the real users.

User testing is crucial as it lets the design team find any discord in the user experience that they are designing so that any issues can be addressed and rectified before the final product goes live. Identifying and fixing issues at the earlier stages indeed cuts down the long-term cost.

In the end, you as a user tester will help companies in creating a better digital experience by telling them what you think would work best on their website or app, what could be better and why you feel so. They will pay you for your feedback.

All you need is good internet connection, a PC, phone and maybe a microphone and camera for some tests and some great communication skills.

There are a lot of websites where you can find such testing work. Usually you will need to create a profile and take a sample test. After your sample test gets reviewed and approved you are in. You will get testing work based on where you live, demographics, your interests and so on. This is usually specified on each platform.

Sounds like fun? If you are interested in this type of earning some extra money, you are lucky: we've created a list with all the best paying user testing platforms.

  • User Interviews - The earning range is from $20-$1,500 per study

  • UserTesting - They pay $10 for each 20-minute test you complete and $30-$120 for live interviews

  • Userfeel - Earn $10 for providing your thoughts on various websites.

  • UserCrowd - take quick design surveys to help make products and websites better. Most tests pay 1-2 credits per answer, and each credit is worth $0.10. Once you reach 100 credits ($10.00), you can request payment via PayPal.

  • trymyUI - Tests takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test.

  • Userlytics - Make money for providing feedback on websites, apps, prototypes, concepts, and more. You’ll be paid via PayPal anywhere from $5-$90, depending on the scope of the project you worked on.

  • WhatUsersDo - Pay is $8 (or more) per test. Tests take around 15-20 minutes (you need a Mac or PC + mic).

  • IntelliZoomPanel - Tests pay $2 for simple surveys and $10 for video submissions. Most tests take between 10-20 minutes to complete

  • Enroll - Get paid to test websites before they are published. Earn cash rewards.

  • Validately - Payments vary depending on the scope of the study, but according to their website, most tests pay $10 per 10-15 minutes of your time. For live studies, expect a minimum of $40 for 30 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes.

  • Userfeel - This company pays around $10 per test.

  • Analysia - Tests take around 15 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test.

  • Checkealos - test take 15 minutes and they will pay $8 for each test.

  • Ferpection - test take up to 45 minutes and they will pay up to $25.

  • Intuit User Research - Studies range from 30 minutes to two hours, and for each 30-minute interval you complete, you’ll earn a $50 Visa Rewards Card.

  • PingPong - According to their website, you can earn €10-€100 for each interview.

  • TestingTime - Earn up to €50 per study. Studies are conducted via Skype and usually take 30-90 minutes.

  • test IO - With test IO, you get paid for testing websites, apps, and games, and you earn $50 when you find a glitch or a bug within the platform if it’s a critical issue, you’ll earn even more.

  • Userbrain - Earn money by speaking your thoughts while doing a series of tasks at Userbrain. Each project takes approximately 5-20 minutes, and you’ll make $5 per test via PayPal.

Now you are probably already calculating how much money can you earn daily completing tests. But wait, don't expect to become rich working as a user tester. It is perfect to earn some extra money, but it is not viable as a full time job. There are a lot of people interested in doing tester work, so the competition is enormous. What you can do to maximise your opportunities is to sign up to as many platforms as possible, so that you have multiple sources to find these jobs and apply to them.