6 Mom Outfit Ideas For Summer

We've all been stuck at home lately and to be honest we are tired of our pajamas. As comfy as they are, it's enough now! Summer is just around the corner, so let's step up, get dressed and go outside to enjoy life.

Since in the last year, we've been used to wearing comfortable and easy wearing outfits in our home, why not take the same ease to our outside summer wardrobe. We've asked moms what their favorite cute but super easy to wear cloths for the upcoming period.

Let's see what we found out. The good news is, there are a lot of clothing pieces that you probably already own.

1. Shorts and a top - pair them with cute sneakers and create an easy option for an every day mom life

2. Leggings - just make sure they are made well and are not see through. Pair them with with a graphic or plain tee and a baseball cap.

3. Joggers - cozy and comfy and you can dress them up to create that athleisure look

4. Skirts - in for a feminine mood? Pair a skirt with a simple tee to get that comfortable but not fancy look.

5. Dresses - easy, cute and effortless. Pair them with sneakers, sandals or flip-flops, not to feel overdressed. For a fancier look add a summer hat to the look.

6. Jumpsuits - the easiest outfit, accessorize with earrings or a headband

As you can see, our list consists of basic items, that are easy to mix and match with each other. You don't need to have or buy many clothes to look good. We bet you already have in your wardrobe most (if not all) of the items from our list, so dress up in a comfortable but put together, chic outfit and enjoy the summer.

If you ever feel that you are the owner of too many clothing pieces and are stressed about what you should wear, have a look at our tips on a wardrobe detox. You'll thank us for it later!