15 Must Have Items For Babies And Toddlers For The Summer

Updated: Jun 5

With summer just around the corner, moms are wondering how will they keep their little one happy and busy during those hot coming days.

You don't need to panic over this, you will need just a few items to make sure your tiny ones get the most out of summertime at home.

1. Kids Pool

The inflatable kiddie pools are a must have for your sanity on those hot and humid days. Babies and toddler just love to splash around in the water and you can easily install such a pool in your back yard on even on your balcony if you live in an apartment.

2. Water Sprinkler

We all know toddlers will not stay put as easily as babies, so you might want to install a kid-friendly sprinkler in your back yard and let the little ones run wild around it. They will love this activity and you will be thankful that they have something to focus their energy on.

3. Sunscreen

One of the essential items during the summer, sunscreens come from a lot of brands but not all of the is suitable for babies soft skin. Try to go for something organic or a formula based on minerals, instead of chemicals.

4. Wide Brimmed Hat

Even if you apply sunscreen all over your child, you need to protect also their scalp. So a hat is a must in the hot summer days. It also protects their little face from the harmful sunrays.

5. Swimsuit With UV Protection

Obviously you will need a swimsuit for your child, even if he or she is going to use it only in your back yard. A good swimsuit will protect your little ones skin from the harmful sunrays, while keeping them cool. For extra protection try one with long sleeves.

6. Swim/Water Diapers

Again, a must have items for the summer, especially if you plan on going to the pool or the seaside maybe. If you prefer the stress free option go for disposable ones. But there are also some really good reusable ones.

7. Water Beads

For those rainy days, when you can not go outside, save your sanity with water beads. Try a variety of colourful beads. Kids just love it.

8. Sand/Water Table

We all know how important sensory play is in the early stages of child development, so a fun sand and water table will be a big hit amongst the kiddoes. They will be able to experience sand, water, jelly and any other messy textures they are interested in.

9. A Cosy Coupe

Every child loves being pushed around in little cars. If you have more kids, they will be happy pushing each other in your back yard or inside the house and you will get a some free time for yourself to relax, maybe.

10. Sidewalk Chalk

Your toddler will have a blast creating "work of art" on the pavement using sidewalk chalk. It's a great way to encourage creativity. You could also draw different shapes and have your kiddo colour it. They will love it!

11. Play Gardening Tools

Kids will have a lot of fun watering (or pretending) your plants and the trees, filling and dumping buckets. A watering can and some gardening tools will keep the busy for a long time.

12. A Bounce House

Definitely an item worth investing in. Even if it looks bulky, it doesn't take up that much space. You can easily fit it into you backyard and it will grow with your kids for many years to come. Your toddler will get out that extra energy that keeps him from going to sleep, so this means less stress for you.

13. A Bubble Maker

Everybody loves bubbles. A bubble making machine produces hundreds of bubbles with just one touch of a button. Toddlers will be happily running around the house to catch all the colourful bubbles.

14. A Pop-Up Tent

This is not only useful on the beach, but kids can enjoy it also around the house. They can play or even nap inside the tent in the back yard, while being outside but also safe from those harmful sunrays.

15. Muslin Blankets

Even in the summer, the night can get a bit chilly, so you might want to use a muslin blanket to cover your baby. This will keep them cool but warm enough, without the chance of overheating. It will make a great cover for your child also on the beach or around the pool.

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